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Transform your business with innovative custom developed mobile apps and web apps.


With tens of billions of connected devices worldwide, and with 80% or more of all business processes either digitized or eliminated, mobile and web apps are unquestionably the new reality. To thrive in this radically transformed business landscape, you need technology systems, applications, and infrastructure designed to be flexible, responsive, and reliable.

As a leading mobile app development company in Australia, we know what it takes to build robust and reliable apps that keep your users engaged. Our apps are always tailored to meet the exact needs of your business and your customers. Whether those needs include flashy animations, complex offline functionality, or native feature interaction, we have the experience to make it happen.

Why Select Our Mobile App Development Services?

  • We provide fixed price quotes, there are no hidden fees, no inflated prices and no gimmicky promotions. Just 100% real pricing that everyone can understand.
  • High-quality user interfaces designed by experienced UI and UX designers.
  • Working with HELLO PEOPLE assures you are working with an established company.
  • A proven app development process with highly skilled mobile and web app developers.
  • We can provide a complete end to end service–from app concepts, app designs, app coding to app maintenance–all under one roof.
  • Our app architects have skills in world-class infrastructure platforms such as Google Cloud and AWS.




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Ensure a custom and human-centric web and mobile experience.

You might have an idea for a futuristic trailblazing application for your business. Our user experience and user interface designers can convert your idea to a user-centric app.
At HELLO PEOPLE, we keep the end-users at the centre of the app design process. Focusing on psychology and user behaviour is a vital element in an app design process. It often comes with our experience, familiarity with the industry, and the time we invest in continuous improvement as an organisation.


Our App Development Process


We are WA's most trusted mobile & cloud app developers with a 100% delivery track record on 50+ apps. We use a simple, effective, and streamlined process that has evolved with our experience and lessons learned.

  • Discover: Our mobile app development process starts with a discussion to understand your ideas and requirements.
  • Scoping: We then prepare an outline of the scope. It will detail the in-scope, out of scope, and on the frame items.
  • Design: This is an optional phase, although recommended for specific projects. The design can include wireframes or developing a prototype. An app prototype will help understand user journeys and how each function flows through the beginning to end.
  • Develop: At the development phase, we go through a series of iterations based on your feedback and suggestions, followed by a rigorous testing process across multiple devices.
  • Go-Live: Once you are satisfied, we submit the app to the Apple app store, Google Play marketplace and Windows Phone store.
  • Support: By supporting backend services, providing ongoing app testing and interpreting user analytics and feedback, we can help and give you the post-development support you need.