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Welcome to HELLO PEOPLE.

We’re a multi-disciplinary business software and mobile app development company based in Perth, Western Australia, operating since 2008. At HELLO PEOPLE, we provide requirements analysis, solution design, software/app development, and support services — all under one roof.

Your company can benefit by using our software and mobile app development services in Perth to design and develop a new business system, develop a mobile app, fix/upgrade a legacy (old) system, or integrate various systems/apps together.





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Use Cases


Integrating programs and databases with your current industry applications enable your business to automate tasks. By developing an API or using a pre-developed API, your business can automate tasks, increase revenue, promote innovation, increase security and be future-ready.The main benefit of our API development services is that we provide a complete end-to-end solution, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Established in 2008, HELLO PEOPLE is a leading Xero API development company based in Perth with a decade-long experience in software development.


Case 1 - One Source of Truth for Customer Data




Challenge - Having multiple business management software is leading to data redundancy. It is a challenge for a business to handle customer records if there are multiple data entry points. 


Let's look at a scenario. Suppose a business "XYZ" is using Xero for Accounting, HPRIGHT for Job Management, Mailchimp for marketing. Having three data entry points can lead to having multiple records of the same customer in three different software. It can cause data redundancy as well as the generation of different information about the same customer. There is a chance of him/her having different address/contact/email or any other detail. That can breed confusion and bring damage to the business.


Solution - API integration can enable the three systems to share information among them, with only one system being the customer information entry point. Mailchimp can share its customer record via a 'Customer Record' API. HPRIGHT and Xero can access the record from Mailchimp. This not only eliminates data redundancy but eliminates the possibility of having different information on a customer.



Case 2 - Inventory and Accounting





Challenge - The inventory system reports on exactly where and how many items you have in your warehouse. On the other hand, accounting records and process all the transactions happening within the organisation.


Let's look at a scenario. Suppose you added an item into your inventory. You will not only have to update the inventory system but the accounting as well. This is costing you time sequentially reducing efficiency.


Solution - Integrating inventory and accounting system (Xero) will omit this extra labour. If you update your inventory, your accounting system will be updated automatically. This not only saves you time and money but provides with an accurate financial report, saving you from any business damage.



Case 3 - Payroll and Accounting






Challenge - Accounting system gives you a clear picture of your business financial health. Whereas the payroll system eliminates strenuous work of calculating pay manually. Both are equally important for any business.


Each time you update payroll software, changes should be made in accounting as well. This increases the possibility of human error and might show conflicting information. Maintaining both the system requires time and extreme accuracy. Even one small mistake here can cost your business drastically.


Solution - If both systems can communicate with each other, there would be no requirement to update both. Changes made in one will automatically generate an entry in other. Making your workflow effective, efficient and error-free. Integration also makes it easier for you to stay compliant. Most sensitive data can be updated in one system, accessed by other systems. There would be no need to share information via mail, making you confident in your data security and compliance.