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We're a leading software development, mobile app development, and software integration company in Perth, Western Australia. We provide requirements analysis, solution design, development (coding), and support services — all under one roof.
For the last decade our goal has been to focus on your customer’s customer, utilising the latest technologies to create solutions optimised for your business’s specific needs. We know WA, and we know what local businesses need for success.


Mobile App Development Company
Mobile App Development

Our mobile-first approach rank us among the top mobile app development companies in Australia, as we deliver complete mobility solutions that meet the needs of business, industry and end-users.

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Cloud App Software Development Company
Software Development

Build solutions that will grow in tow with your business, equally reliable for hundreds or millions of users. We work with advanced technologies and continuously develop new in-house expertise.

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API Development Company
API Development

Extensive knowledge of designing and coding enterprise REST and SOAP APIs. We are experienced working on complex integration development and 3rd party applications/platforms.

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Systems Integration Development Company
Systems Integration

Develop, implement and maintain complex IT business system integrations, as well as enhancements and modifications to cost-effectively meet business requirements.

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Mobile & Web App Development Services

Bring your App ideas to life on every platform. We develop apps that are both attractive and highly functional.


Software Requirements and Scoping
Established in 2008

We have been in the IT business systems industry for more than a decade and have completed over 400 projects in Australia. Our customers range from individual start-ups, small business, to medium/large companies.


Software Build & Test
Cross-Platform Development

We are experts in building mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Our mobile app developers have earned a reputation for creating secure and high-quality mobile apps that are attractive and user-friendly.


Software Go Live & Support
How it works

The process of developing a mobile app starts with a discussion to understand your idea. In most cases, we can provide an estimate to help you know the cost of the project at an early stage. Also, we can help you to find the potential of your idea.




Explore our mobile app development skill-set.

iPhone app development, iPad app development, Web app development, Windows app development, Android app development, and Hybrid (Xamarin) app development.

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Software Development Services

We develop cloud software that integrates with mobile apps and APIs.

Software Development Company
Benefit from a custom designed IT system

We started our software journey as a Microsoft Gold Partner in 2010-11. Today, our passion is to deliver business efficiency enhancements to our customers. We help companies in Australia to reduce overall IT budgets by 10-40% with our software development and integration services.


Agile Software Development Company
Agile development company

We follow the agile software development methodology, means the software is released for feedback throughout the project at various stages.

Our software development services include: .Net development, PHP development, database build & migration, cloud solutions, API development.


Partner with us.

Here are the top 5 reasons why companies select us as their IT Business Solutions provider:

1. Experience: It matters. Over 10yrs is a long timespan.
2. Broad skills: There is no need to work with multiple service providers.
3. Price: Low prices and value for money.
4. Local: Based in West Perth we are there when you need us.
5. Trust and Honesty: Something we can't define, but we'll leave it for you to discover.

About Us

HELLO PEOPLE is an innovative business software, mobile app development company based in West Perth.

Our IT Business Systems related services cover four areas: mobile app development; software development; API development; software integration services.

We serve a variety of businesses in the consumer products and service industries. Our customers range from individual start-ups, small business, to medium/large companies.

The broad range of skills combined with over ten years of experience makes us stand out from the crowd.

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