Custom designed CRM systems.

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A user-friendly and straightforward CRM system that works the way your business operates. We custom design CRM systems for businesses.
CRM systems such as Dynamics 365 CRM, Salesforce, Soho are complex and require specialists to implement and provide support. We will help you with the transformation to your own CRM, to change from a complex to simple. Your employees will love it!


CRM system


Complete customer record

Customer data captured and organised in a manner that is relevant to your business. Record the data that matters. Powerful search function to filter data.



All-in-one-place communication

Improved communication with centralised emailing. There is no requirement to use individual emails. Every member in your team can view and find the history within a click of a button. Any customer replies are automatically tagged with the customer record to give you a complete picture.





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AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure




CRM Integration


Benefit from our CRM API integrations

Interested in more automation. Backed by our API and Web App integration teams we have done system-integrations to many web apps such as XERO, MYOB, Harvest, Workflowmax. There is no hard and fast rule, right or wrong, but having an integrated system will save a lot of dollars over a period, and reduce data duplication, human errors.




Comes with KPIs and Dashboards

Dashboard, triggers, and automation that can be custom designed to suit your business requirements and team dynamics. View the daily performance of your sales team. Proactively take action and take control of the future state of your business.