Custom Designed GPS Navigation Mobile Apps.

Automates data capture and provide live updates.


Mobile navigation is one of the most powerful and used functions in a mobile phone. Google Maps provide free access to its database and integration framework to design and develop innovative apps. The purpose of our GPS mobile navigation app is to track the location of a mobile phone by using its inbuilt GPS function. Once the position is known, it can be transmitted to any system.



Mobile navigation app


Capture location data automatically from a phone

The navigation apps can be a dedicated mobile app itself that is built to perform a location-related function. For example, a fleet-management company using our mobile navigation app for tracking vehicle locations. The distance and time taken can be captured and used to calculate the billing hours.



Integrates with our systems

Benefit from a powerful job management system by routing service personnel to the exact location of a job. Check the closest help in case of an emergency. Drive to the nearest pharmacy by using our business finder app. Calculate the closest route to reach a destination.





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AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure




Mobile navigation app


Integrates with other systems

Link our mobile app navigation app functions with any other business app. Capture data at the source, automatically and seamlessly flow-through to your business software without manual intervention. The integration with other systems is by using an API or a web service. A direct connection by using an electronic data interchange (EDI) too is an option. For example, a freight management company integrating our mobile navigation app to track the location of delivery and provide live status to its customers via its courier management system.



Standard features

  • Google Maps integration
  • Business Locations
  • Alert Business Open/Close times
  • Rank preferred navigation route
  • Provide alternate routes
  • Automatically save data about distance traveled, start, stop-overs


  • Work during the night and in low visibility
  • Avoid traffic
  • Map fields
  • Keep field notes and pictures with geolocation
  • Live update on location tracking
  • Make reports