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At HELLO PEOPLE, we architect, develop, configure, and maintain state-of-the-art software and app integrations for small and medium businesses. By selecting us for your project, you will gain the benefit of working with a trusted and experienced API development company based in Perth, Western Australia. We have the skills and experience required to develop new APIs or integrate systems by using APIs provided by 3rd party apps.

Our team of API developers is experienced at developing custom APIs to suit your varying business models and ensure coherent, flexible, and consistent integration with as many systems as possible.
Since 2008, we have helped businesses with their specific API development and integration requirements – everything from simple development of Facebook APIs to complex and customised API development.



Our Services

Our forte lies in our ability to understand the nuances of our client's requirements and develop fully-customised, well-documented, and easily integrable APIs. Some of our popular API development services.


  • Provide system integration solution design.
  • Design & develop APIs as per REST, JSON, Open API standards.
  • Develop APIs using microservices based architectures.
  • Integrate API data using following technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, JSON, Web Services, XML, XSLT, on Unix and Windows environments.
  • Use of software development methodologies (DevOps), tools, standards and procedures for high quality software development.
  • Work with API integration tools such as: IBM API Connect, IBM DataPower, MuleSoft, WSO2, Google Apigee, Tibco etc.
  • Integrate XERO | Workflowmax | Simpro | ServiceM8 | iAuditor
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Use Cases.

The main benefit of our API development services is that we provide a complete end-to-end solution, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

APIs for cloud software


An API is a communicator between various software. By developing an API or using a pre-developed API your business can interchange data between internal and external systems. It saves cost by reducing manual data entry work, increases efficiency by automating data transfer between systems, and will transform the way your employees work.
As a leading API development company, we have developed APIs for cloud software such as Dynamics 365, Harvest, Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Workflowmax, Simpro, and many other cloud solutions.




Use Case 1 - Customer Record API

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system sharing its customer record via a 'Customer Record' API. Project Management System and Accounting System automatically creating the Customer Data record in respective databases by reading the data transmitted through the 'Customer Record' API.



API CRM System



Invoice and Receipt API



Use Case 2 - Invoice & Receipt APIs

Accounting System sharing the customer invoices and receipts via 'Invoice' and 'Receipts' APIs. CRM system automatically updating the customer record with invoices and receipts by reading the data transmitted through the 'Invoice' and 'Receipts' API.



Use Case 3 - Project Status API

Project Management system sharing the status of the project via a 'Project Status' API. CRM system automatically updating the customer record with project status by reading the data transmitted through the 'Project Status' API.



Project System API




What is an API

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary—similar to a translater and facilitator—that allows multiple applications to talk to each other. Example: System 'A' allowing its invoice data to be read by using an 'Invoice' API. System 'B' using System A's Invoice API to check the payment status and send reminders to customers.

Your company can benefit from APIs that are pre-developed and made available to use by other cloud systems by integrating their API code with your internal software.

The main benefits of APIs for a business are as follows:


  • integrate multiple systems to work seamlessly
  • minimise data duplication
  • reduce manual data entry
  • minimise data integrity issues




Our Process

A simple, matured, streamlined process that has evolved with experience and lessons learned.

Software Requirements and Scoping
Requirements and Scoping

Start by analysing the current business processes to identify opportunities to simplify, improve, or automate. Decide on what is in scope, wish-list, and out-of-scope. Get a fixed price or an estimate.

Software Build & Test
Build and Test

Ensure all requirements are coded, and they work as intended. Discuss changes, suggestions, enhancements. Get involved in testing. Be part of the project.


Software Go Live & Support
Go-Live and Support

Inform changes in advance. Update or create new procedures. Train users. Plan for the cut-off. Manage the go-live. Discuss a post-go-live support plan.